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As a growing club, it is vital we remain grounded. Our foundation of values and ethos helps us remember who we are as Saints Netballers and what the club means to ourselves and to the University. At the core of the club is our determination to create an exciting and welcoming environment. Though we work hard to achieve success on court, it is well known that Saints Netballers make life-long friends, and it is around such friendships the club revolves and develops. Both within and across teams there is a network of support, through which all members are encouraged and challenged to achieve their goals and excel in the club. The dedication we see from Saints Netballers is inspiring, to other members and to those outside the club – shown by the increasing number of new members we welcome each year, not to mention the enthusiasm we receive for our mixed league in semester two.


Saints Netball is the leading netball club in Scottish University Sport both on and off the court. Each year we aspire to build on and improve the previous season’s achievements. Our vision of constant self-improvement permeates through every aspect of the club and its members.

“Every girl in our club becomes part of a netball family which remains as tight-knit as ever. Especially for our first years, being part of our club means that whatever you come up against in University life, there's always someone to support you”

HARRIET BELL, Club President 2016-2017

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