University of St Andrews Netball Club

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Our programme is defined by inclusivity and progression. Whatever your ability and motivation, we will endeavour to make your experience as a Saints Netballer one of your best memories of life at St Andrews. Whether you are an experienced player, wanting to improve your fitness, or wishing to be involved in our top class social life, there’s a place for you in Saints Netball.


Our programme runs throughout the academic year, with players returning for Pre-season and Mid-season training before the start of each semester – a time where players not only become re-engaged with the sport after a long summer, but also receive talks on subjects such as nutrition and injury prevention. To ensure players get the most out of their practice time on court, we have split training sessions twice a week, in addition to separate shooting sessions to improve those all-important goal stats! As a performance sport, fitness plays a growing part in our regime, with the players enjoying the love-hate relationship we have with Monday morning circuits, sprints and weights sessions…more or less…. Video analysis is now a big focus for the club, and a powerful way for players to receive feedback. We are also fortunate to have time with a Strength and Conditioning coach each week, further sport science support, as well as access to physios should any player need to see a specialist.


The Saints Netball Programme has enhanced tremendously over recent years, and this pace is not looking to slow down! Each year we become yet more player-centred through commitment, energy, drive, determination, and of course fun. Yes, we ask our players to work hard, to give their all – and then a wee bit more – but the results they achieve from this ethos are a testament to the individuals that make up our family.