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Sally's South African Adventures

By Saints Netball, Jun 8 2018 12:55PM

This Summer, our 2018/19 Club Captain Sally Sandison is spending the first half of her Summer in South Africa, coaching as part of the Saints Volunteer South Africa Programme.

"My name is Sally and I have been a member of Saints Netball club for the past two years. In October last year we were given a talk in one of our training sessions about a volunteer programme to Zambia or South Africa. I absolutely love coaching so I decided to apply. It wsa one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am one week into the trip and it has been so rewarding. It is so difficult to put into words how amazing this experience is. To witness the difference you are making to these children's lives is something which I will never forget and a feeling which cannot be replicated. Whilst in South Africa I am coaching netball at Rietenbosch Primary School every morning as well as at other schools and sports programmes in the afternoon. It is so rewarding to see the children's skills improving every day and give them something which they can really focus on. My love of coaching and my confidence is increasing every day. I love waking up in the morning knowing that I am going to have such a positive impact on the children's lives."

Sally was also invited to trin with the Stellenbosch University netball team, a fantastic experience for her!

If you are interested in doing a similiar programme there are so many ways to get involved through Saints Sport! You can speak to our outreach rep Flora Edmiston or contact the AU directly on their website. Stay tuned for more from Sally as she continues her adventure - we are so proud of you Sal! <3

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